The Peeps family are avid boaters and live in a house on a large lake system in a temperate climate. It is a particularly nice Friday afternoon and they decide to launch the boat for the first ride of the season.

The sun feels amazing after a long and dreary winter and the family travels farther than normal. Spontaneous adventure is a reason why they love taking out the rowboat.

Two Peeps in a paper row boat come. There is an island in the background.

The Peeps come across a new island they never seen during many boat rides over the years. There is a dense but small forest in the center and an unusually long beach.

“What a wonderful discovery,” they exclaim. “This place has a huge beach and plenty of shade. It might be a great place to be together alone for a relaxing afternoon.”

They quickly agree to land and explore the unknown land together, and then excitedly start rowing ashore.

Six peeps with red bandanas emerge from the woods. They are all looking toward the camera.

The Peepeepeep tribe, the native inhabitants of this undiscovered island, spot the Peeps approaching from the trees and are alarmed. Visitors have never been seen near the island and they have definitely never threatened to land on it.

They thought that they were alone in the universe, or at least the only ones on the planet, and resolve to keep them from exploring the secrets of the private Red Peepston Island.

Four Peeps in red bandanas are on the left and in a tight row. Two Peeps are standing on the right, behind a boat that is on fire.

The Peeps are immediately accosted when they step foot on the beach. The tribe attempts to communicate peacefully and kindly asks them to leave. However, the language barrier quickly escalates the confrontation. In a panicked and desperate attempt to communicate in the Peepeepeep tongue, the Peeps say the equivalent of a particularly nasty ‘yo mama so fat’ joke.

Retribution is swift and the family finds that the beloved rowboat is now in flames. Without the boat, there is little hope of escaping the island tribe. It would be impossible to swim back to the mainland.

Two Peeps are buried in sand face-up.

The Peeps do not quite understand what they said or did that justifies being held captive and angrily interrogated but throwing them into a deep pit and filling it would sand seems like a gross overreaction. It doesn’t appear that this adventure will end in the relaxing alone time they hoped.

The scene goes completely dark but the rest of the dirty details are up to the imagination of the reader. It is too discomforting for the narrator to discuss.

Two Peeps are side by side in a paper rowboat sailing away from the camera.

The Peeps awake to find themselves lying on the beach under the shade of a tree. They were grateful to discover that the Peepeepeep tribe was only a dream.

Realizing that it’s late for a Sunday evening, the family gets into the boat and heads home to retire for the day.

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