Not everyone experiences the four seasons but Fall can be a wonderful time of the year. It is a relief from the hot, humid summer and there is something about the smell of fallen leaves and the sound of crunching under your feet. While cool weather is a harbinger to the cruel winter, along with the horror that is Daylight Saving Time, Autumn is also a season that brings beautiful changes.

Duluth, MN. Photo by Gene Dianoski.

The tops of these trees with changing leaves effectively frames the sunset in the background above Duluth Harbor. Despite the underexposed background, the red color of the leaves still stands out and attests to the power of its high energy.

Kansas City, MO. Photo by Benjamin Pecka

Facing downtown Kansas City from a 13th story hotel room on the south side, the street and park plaza is lined with lovely golden trees. The composition of the cityscape approximately employs the rule of thirds with its placement of trees, cityscape and open sky.

River Road, Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Benjamin Pecka

While it took patience to capture this hand-held shot that captures the motion of the oak tree leaves scrambling with the wind. It was worth the time because it was a beautiful warm day worthy of relaxing and catching those sun rays before they go away; the motion blur also came out nicely.

Photo by Gene Dianoski.

In addition to lost sunlight, changing season generally brings cloudier skies that make fiery sunsets before clouds settle in permanently for a cozy winter. It is too bad that the place in the Earth’s orbit around the sun makes it so that the Milky Way is no longer visible, though.

Photo by Gene Dianoski.

For those that love hiking, but not the cold weather, the fall is the last the chance to take in some fresh air and nature before the temperatures drop. Predominantly brown and green tones emphasize the natural environment and the warmth added through a tint of orange adds excitement to the composition

Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Benjamin Pecka.

In Minnesota, it sometimes snows in early October, and that was the weather for this distant shot of downtown Saint Paul from atop the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis. Depth is emphasized by the textural gradient created by the long focal point but it’s also emphasized with environmental cues.

Photo by Gene Dianoski.

The squirrels are busy fattening up and burying food into the ground. If they are not digging in your pots, consider yourself lucky; some of us fight them three seasons out of the year. Fortunately, there are a number of cheap remedies to employ.

Fort Snelling, MN. Photo by Benjamin Pecka.

Some folks wait all year to experience and photograph the glory of brightly colored leaves. However, not everyone times it correctly but there are still wonderful oranges lurking in the background for this one.

Photo by Gene Dianoski.

All things come to an end but the best part of the dying of fall is the renewal of plant life in the spring. Winter is on its way but it is also a harbinger of the joys of the following season. 

What do you love most about Fall? Let us know in the comments!

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